2018 Lincoln Navigator

 2018 Lincoln Navigator in Iced Mocha

20 Years Ago, We Introduced The Large Premium Utility Segment...

Now with the 2018 Lincoln Navigator's combination of modern styling, beautiful materials, effortless (yet, economical power), attention-to-detail, and advanced technology; we take luxury, further.

Taking luxury further means rethinking everything; doing everything possible to improve, and stand out from the crowd.  It's taking the segment we started and redefine it.

Consider this:

  • Lincoln's intelligently designed 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 provides 450 horsepower, and 510 lb feet of torque.  30 horsepower more than Cadillac's 6.2 liter engine (plus 10% more torque out of a more efficient engine), and 50 more than the 5.6 liter engine in the QX80.  But horsepower means nothing if your vehicle's transmission can not stay in the peak power band of the engine.  This isn't an issue with the Navigator's 10-speed automatic, but might be with the QX80's 7-speed.
  • The available 20-speaker Revel Audio system beats the 17 speakers in the Escalade and paltry 13 speakers in the QX80.

Once you consider the key advantages of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, the choice becomes much clearer.  See for yourself, and stop in at Grand Ledge Ford to experience the new Navigator.  Or send us your information in the form below, and we will contact you.

Lincoln Navigator's new HUD (Head's Up Display) utilizes DLP technology.  The same technology used in state-of-the-art movie theaters to bring you the largest, brightest, and sharpest display.  Keep your eyes on the road with a constant read-out of vital information such as the current speed limit, navigational directions, and fuel capacity.

Technology that sparks passion, and creativity is abound in the 2018 Navigator.  Starting from our trademarked "Welcome Mat" that beacons downward from the rearward mirrors. The welcome mat assures that you have arrived safely to your Lincoln, and in life in general.

Then, the mechanically-assisted running boards lower down to be of service to you, then automatically rise up once you are secure in your Navigator to begin your journey.

Once driving, the 450hp EcoBoost V6, and 10-speed automatic transmission provides copious performance for navigating through treacherous situations, or towing whatever you need, to wherever you need it.  All while demanding less from our natural resources.


 Traveling has never been more enjoyable until you drive the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.  Available 30-way heated power seats with massage capability envelop you in your choice of interior themes. Choose based on your favorite destinations: such as Chalet, Nautical, and more. The available panoramic vista roof will brighten the cabin, and your mood. The available 20-speaker Revel audio system will please even the most critical audiophile.

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